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V. 5 of Special K features Sohma Kureno from the manga Fruits Basket. (the poor boy was tragically cut during the transition from manga to anime) very plain and simple, designed using photoshop 7 in about half-an-hour, using a manga scan provided by Sakura, with color added by me, using photoshop's airbrush. Fonts used are Lithos and Giddyup. Originally intended for the fic blog, I decided I liked it too much to use there, and made adjustments as such. Part of the Fruits Basket Blog Marathon.


Serena is Honda Tohru
Sakura is Souma Yuki
Wen is Souma Kyou
Eva is Souma Shigure
Kai is Souma Kagura
Kit is Souma Ayame
Hemlocke is Souma Hatori
Jae is Souma Momiji
Keryn is Souma Hatsuharu
Les is Souma Hiro
Kim is Souma Ritsu
Killiko is Souma Rin
Ilana is Souma Kisa
Belle is Souma Akito
Sophie is Hanajima Saki
Erin is Uotani Arisa


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Thursday, November 27, 2003

Officially over at the New Server.

See the previous entry for details on how to access it.

Buh-bye, Pitas.

Kureno crowed aloud at 10:27 p.m. --

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Okay, so it took me a little longer to get to this than I Anticipated. But! As you can see, I am alive and well.

Much as this will throw my archives pages out of whack date-wise, I'm going to do my next post over at my new diaryland server. I got my Kikyou layout working, and I'm really getting to the point where I want to start talking about things that hit A LOT closer to home-location specifics. Diaryland is password proected...I like that.

I'm thinking I want a Cosplay Blog. So I'll have my personal blog, my fic blog, and my cosplay blog. ^^; Obessessed? Me? Naaaah...

So, anyway, you can now find Special K at it's new address:

Change your links, and your bookmarks.

If you're a friend of mine, IM me as Salr Sun on AIM, and I'll get you the password.

Sayonara, Pitas. It's been real.

Kureno crowed aloud at 05:40 p.m. --

Thursday, November 20, 2003

So, I want to blog, but I need to get SOME sleep before I go out of town. I plan to write a long-winded post on thursday night, friday at the latest. if I haven't posted anything by then....something is very wrong. Okay, sleep now. g'night!

Kureno crowed aloud at 02:10 a.m. --

Monday, November 10, 2003

So, I haven't blogged in weeks. WHAT THE HELL HAVE I BEEN DOING?!

Besides selling my soul to school, surprisingly, not a whole lot.

Okay, so I lie.

Now where should I begin? ... ::Looks at the date of her last legitimate blog entry::

Ah yes, I had just failed the CG midterm. Nice little trend there... I'm currently irreversibly failing that class. I reached this conclusion just this past friday. I was just sitting there, staring at the screen, with this INSANE lack of interest, and I ahd to keep from laughing hysterically. I swear, I finally just lost it, and bam, went oevr the edge into The Laughing Place. Had film class after that. Very interesting.

Backtracking even further, I'm now officially an adult. As of Wednesday, November 5th of 2003, I am 18-years-old and counting. What an absolutely... befuddling concept. Me. An "Adult". I still feel 16. Yes, sixteen. Since I graduated from highschool, life has simultaneously gone by too fast, and too slow, for me to even consider AGE. I suppose I have changed... everyone changes. But I still feel basically the same way I felt at the end of my senior year. Few key changes would be the insane amount of stress I've been under, and new experiences of having male eyes on me. O.o

Kelsey was the first person to wish me Happy Birthday. It was so cool. I was jsut sitting up, working on my sketchbook, when my cellphone starts ringing at 12:03 AM. So I open it up, and I'm like "what're you doing calling me so late?" And then she started singing. XD If I had grinned any wider, the end of my smile would have touched and split my head in half. God how I miss her. December can't come soon enough.

The boys (Alex and Benson) came over yesterday, to hang out and celebrate my birthday. Benson gave me the Inuyasha fighting game for Playstation, and Alex gave me a playstation memory card to go with it. I think I have a new addiction. But then, with me, everything is either a loathing or an addiction it seems. So we spent the night, for hours on end, playing this game and unlocking the different characters. Alex got a bit distracted throughout the night, but we figured it best to leave him alone. I had a good time, really. I'm surprised. I've been really sort of cranky to them lately... but that's because I'm in one of my hermit phases. Eve, I totally know what you mean now. They just DON'T understand when we need to be left alone, do they?

Speaking of Eve... ^ ^ She say's she'll likely come visit me after she gets back from her HK trip this summer. ^___^ I'm so excited! Ilana says she might road-trip it over to visit too, once she gets the car in June. ::happy dance:: Words cannot EXPRESS my excitement.

Mom insists Bensons "likes" me. I think she's nuts. Benson and I are just friends. More like brother and sister than anything else. Honestly, I could never imagine dating him. He's great as a bud, but totally not my type.

What is my type? I dunno. Honestly, I used to think it was the tall thin girly boys. Now, I'm starting to think it's really just more of the Boy-ish types. Alex's friend john? Dark hair, clear skin, no facial hair, and absolutley GORGEOUS blue eyes. Then there's Ilya... Wow, he's STILL cute. Even cuter since the summer. His hair is a little bit longer, with these blonde streaks in them. Totally obviously fake, but SO ... I dunno. And yet at the same time, were either of them to ever ask me out, I'd probabaly freeze, and turn them down. I've been burned just... too much to even walk down that path right now. I don't want to. Why am I so scared? I don't know... I just... I'm not ready to feel that again. Will I ever be? Alex was telling me the other day that I dont' open up to him. I don't want to. There's nothing to open up. Something in me just...doesn't want to.

I'm being ridiculous. I know I am. I've thought about this stuff a lot since the entire ordeal of Alex's started a couple of months ago, when Shirley first dumped him. I'm not the tragic, dramatic type... but I can't help but adapt to slide into the surroundings. I want to empathisis with... with everyone, really.

Or maybe I'm just tired...

Sleep sounds really good...

I want a Kikyou layout.


Kureno crowed aloud at 12:43 a.m. --